Video Production for L&D – the full series

Over the past 12 months we have hosted a series of webinars called ‘The Video Production for L&D series’. We had a simple objective; generate some content about creating video-centred learning that will be useful to our clients and contacts. We knew it would be difficult (and boring!) to do alone, so we had a perfect excuse to have conversations with some brilliant people from L&D and video production.

There are different stages to a video production project, so with each webinar we aimed to draw useful lines to keep each episode focused. Spoiler-alert: all video stages impact each other! But they are all still worthy of their own focus and attention, and each demands unique expertise.

There are four episodes in the series and below you can see a summary of each one and a video embed. You can also watch them on the Nice Media website.

Episode 1/4

15 essential pre-production tips: How to plan and prepare for a video learning project

In this episode, Georgia was joined by Layla Croll (Kineo) and Emma Jesson (then Sainsbury’s, now Ark Media). Layla and Emma have Producer backgrounds (as does Georgia) and so between them they had A LOT to say about pre-production; the 15 tips are more like 15 buckets of tips.

In essence, what you do in pre-production will make or break a video project. Most of the skill is in understanding what happens during later stages and preparing accordingly. However, if you don’t have the experience to know what can go wrong, how can you prepare for it? Our goal was to reveal our mistakes so that our webinar guests could learn from them.

Episode 2/4

How to design creative video content for L&D

For this episode, Georgia worked with Tom Hickmore (Nice Media) and Barbara Thompson (Boston Consulting Group). Tom and Barbara have worked together on video learning projects and know that effective video-centred learning comes from a combination of a robust understanding of learning theory and practice, as well as knowledge of filmmaking language and how audiences interpret filmmaking techniques.

This episode offers insight into the design practices behind various types of video learning. We explored common mistakes and how to avoid them too.

Episode 3/4

An introduction to Watch & Learn with Tom Hickmore

In Sept 2021, Tom Hickmore published ‘Watch & Learn: Designing, Writing, Commissioning and Producing Effective Video Drama for Learning’. This episode was part of the books launch and Tom introduces the key themes of the book and answers some questions from the attendees. Highlights included:

  • How to avoid common mistakes when using drama for learning
  • The key features of good quality drama for learning and an introduction to design approaches
  • Storytelling and story structure theory
  • How to produce drama for learning, including practicalities around budget, resources required, and casting actors.

Episode 4/4

15 post-production tips: How to nail the edit stage of a video learning project

In the spirit of closure, the final episode in the series was about the final stage – post-production. Georgia was joined by Editor, Vasil Dzhagalov and Creative Director, Tom Hickmore. They managed to cram 15 tips (and more) into the one hour session – from the philosophical to the technical!

This session looked at how you can make post-production a smoother process by how you approach pre-production and also how you conduct your shoot days. We warn against the old adage ‘fix it in post’ and we explain why.

We would love to hear from you with any specific requests for future webinar sessions. Or if you’d like to have an informal chat about a project / project idea, please do get in touch.

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