Choosing the best types of video for your learning

Unlock the power of video learning in your organisation

Drama for Change

Fast, high impact culture change for large organisations


Workplace dilemmas brought to life with a human face


Real people talking about their personal experience


Putting an experienced personality at the heart of your video

Learning Shorts

Mini features combining a variety of techniques to tell your story

Events & Training

Recording and reportage of live training and events

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Consultancy & guidance

Utilising our expertise to develop your video learning project

Benefits of video learning

People love video

Whether you are using drama, animation or interviews, video can breathe life into any topic. Video is a powerful and engaging tool that people love.

Video is versatile

Whether communicating a process, a concept or an issue, video is versatile and has the potential to teach, or to change hearts and minds and engaging tool that people love.

Bespoke and relevant

Creating bespoke video content will mean your learning is 100% relevant to the experiences and expectations of the people in your organisation.

Working with us

1. Discovery

We ask a lot of questions and develop a proposed solution based on what we’ve heard.

2. Pre-Production

We collaborate with you to produce video scripts and organise an efficient production schedule / shoot day(s).

3. Production

Where all the preparation comes together and we film the content according to our scripts and the plan.

4. Post-Production

The footage is edited together and delivered to you for deployment, including multiple review stages.

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