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Drama for Change

The very thought of a workplace culture with engrained and damaging behaviours, sounds alarm bells. It can be expensive and expose an organisation to risk. At Nice Media we have developed a systematic approach to disrupt and improve negative cultures which we call Drama for Change. Drama for Change can impact an organisation in many ways, here are just a few:

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Drama for Change is especially useful where more traditional, top-down solutions have been ineffective. Behaviour and culture are sensitive subjects that are difficult to legislate. They live in that grey area of overlap between public and private where identity and emotion come into play. And they don’t respond well to direct instruction.

Video drama allows you to take such issues, to abstract them and to project them large. It allows us the discussion of emotional issues without it being personal or intrusive.

Drama can get people thinking about a problem. A well-constructed scenario draws people in. Quickly it introduces a few characters and their world and then puts them into a problematic situation. Without really being aware of it, the viewer thinks “what would I do in that situation?” That is active engagement.

Once we have the engagement, we build on it with a campaign to stimulate discussion across the organisation.

Every campaign is different because it is developed to fit your organisation. But equally, every campaign follows the consistent Drama for Change design principles of Focus, Listen, Explore, Storytelling and Respect.

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