Rewarding Award Nominations

We are glad to announce that we are finalists in the 2024 Learning Excellence Awards with two projects we have produced for charities.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

For our work with Grassroots Suicide Prevention we created fictional examples of the work they are training people to do – counselling people who are at risk of suicide. This project was called ‘Caring Connections and Crisis to Recovery’.

The video dramas provided a safe jumping off point for initiating conversations that depict optimal and suboptimal practice without assigning blame or compromising confidentiality. Our theoretical approach is that, while talking about theory and practice is valid and important, to show examples of the kinds of real-world challenges counsellors face provides immediate imaginative engagement – “what would I do in that situation” and this is the perfect cue for productive discussion about the application of theory.

One learner expressed their appreciation, stating, “Watching the recorded interactions was the most helpful part of the course – it created space for more self-reflection and putting theory into practice. I feel more confident to approach these conversations and confident in my ability to support someone with suicidal ideation.”

Allsorts Youth Project

Our other charity project was the creation of 4 video modules designed to educate and inform NHS staff in Sussex about working with young LGBT people.

‘Working with LGBT+ Young People’ aimed to increase the understanding of the lived experiences of the LGBT+ youth and to empower those taking the course to create more inclusive environments for the LGBT+ youth. The videos included drama scenarios and presenter-led content, expertly fronted by the team at Allsorts Youth Project.

CEO of Allsorts, Katie Vincent, said: “Nice Media were fantastic to work with. They created four incredible and engaging videos bringing our vision to life and our mission to the world”.

L&D feels good

One of the reasons we’re in the learning and development sector is that it feels good to help people. And working with these good charities that’s only amplified. It’s been rewarding to work on projects that have a positive impact safety and inclusion for a great many people.

We are looking forward to the Learning Excellence Awardsin London on 16th April 2024, meeting colleagues in the field and celebrating some of the great work going on in Learning and Development across the UK.

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Rewarding Award Nominations

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