Recruitment Advertising Videos

With record levels of recruitment difficulty and fewer people in the workforce, employers need something that differentiates them and gives them an edge in attracting top talent. A video recruitment campaign is ideal.

Why video advertising?

A young man working in a mini mart. He is leaning on the counter and looking bored.
video showcases the job
video connects emotionally

Video ads get your message across fast and with a richness and depth.  They can connect with authenticity – communicating your brand, culture and values.  They improve the SEO of an online ad and generate shares in social media.  Video ads are well-remembered, providing the first step in an immersive candidate experience.

“Working with Nice Media was brilliant! The whole process from start to finish was smooth and professional and also a lot of fun! I had a great project manager and a talented and experienced crew which made the whole experience enjoyable and problem free. They know their stuff and have produced a quality video which we have had fantastic feedback on so far! I am one very happy client!”

Laura Gregory, Marketing Coordinator

Can video advertising improve the impact and effectiveness of your recruitment?

Nice Media provide a complete design and production service for video recruitment adverts, and can also design a campaign around the videos. Video adverts can be hosted on a website, used in social media or shown on broadcast TV. Sky AdSmart also provides a service that allows you to target TV advertising direct to selected demographics.

Here are 9 videos from 5 campaigns
to show what is possible for relatively modest budgets:

2:10 video for website recruitment page

90 second for social media

90 second for social media

2:30 video for website recruitment page

60 second video advert for social media

30 second ad for Sky AdSmart & Video on Demand

15 second ad for Video on Demand & social media

30 second ad for Sky AdSmart & Video on Demand

15 second ad for social media


What our clients say

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