Tips for filming a podcast

Podcast don’t have to be professionally filmed. In fact, part of their charm is that they are in a more ad hoc style, which isn’t so concerned with production values.

That said, there are lots of little tips and tricks you can do to give your podcast a slicker look and feel.


Lighting is important.

Don’t stand against a bright background or a dark background as they both confuse the automatic exposure adjustment on the camera. Translation: it does weird things to your face.

To get the best shot, stand against a background that has a similar light level to that on your face.

Camera placement

Wobbly camera work can be distracting while watching a podcast (there’s nothing worse than a shaky selfie video), so use a tripod if you can.

If you don’t have one, find a flat surface to steady your camera on, like a step ladder or filing cabinet.

Or if you’re filming on a smartphone, ensure you use both hands to grip the smartphone, keep their elbows close to their body and you’ll see a big improvement in your footage.

Framing Your Shots

We all want to look as good as possible on camera, so to get the most flattering shot, have the camera at eyelevel or slightly above eyelevel. No one looks good being shot from a low angle!

If you’re filming on a smartphone remember to hold the phone landscape! Horizontal videos may work on your smartphone, but won’t on other devices. Think of your TV screen, computer screen or YouTube format; all landscape.


Muffled voices on podcasts can be irritating. Film in the quietest place possible so it is easier to hear your voice.

If you can, use an external mic as this will make your voice louder in comparison to the background noise.

If you’re filming on a smartphone, have the smartphone close to you so the mic will pick up your voice.


The camera favours certain clothes. It is best to wear plain, block colours. Avoid busy, fine patters and stripes as this can cause interference (vibration on film).

Make sure you look your best! This means: check that your hair and clothes are well adjusted so that they don’t distract from what you are saying. This doesn’t mean: get dressed up for a night out. Over glamming may take away from the points you’re trying to make. Go for a nice fresh and friendly approach. Let that natural beauty shine through (sorry, it’s all gone a bit Gok Wan).

More help…

If you’d like to know more, here are some links to help:

• A video with tips for filming a podcast

• A video with tips for speaking on camera

• A blog on what you should and shouldn’t wear on camera

• A video on choosing a room for filming in

Do you have any other filming queries? Let us know and we’ll post a response!

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