What To Wear On Camera

If you’re going to appear on camera you need to consider what you are going to wear, as the camera favours certain types of clothing. 

What you should wear What you should avoid
  • It is best to wear plain, block colours.
  • Generally in a mid-tone. E.G. blue or pink or purples shirts and a brown or charcoal jacket.
  • Wear clothes that are suitable for the role in which the audience defines you in the film. E.G. – A chief constable would wear his/her uniform.
  • Don’t wear busy, fine patters and stripes as this can cause interference; appearing to vibrate on film.
  • Not essential but helpful woud be to avoid large areas of black and white – such as white shirts and black jackets. We can film them, but they do tend to loose detail in the final video.
  • Are you filming against a greenscreen? If yes… DO NOT WEAR GREEN!
Screenshot 2014-03-12 14.43.42(3)Above is an ideal shirt colouring to wear. Screenshot 2014-03-12 14.43.42(3)Above is an example of the pattern clothes you should avoid.

Some tips on grooming…

  • Make sure you look your best.
  • Check your hair and adjust your clothing.
  • Style your hair off your face to avoid shadows.
  • We’ll give you a dusting of shine control make up as those filming lights can get hot!


What queries do you have about what to wear on screen?

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