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Overview of case study

We worked in partnership with Speak First, a leading global consultancy specialising in L&D, providing effective, bespoke, instructor-led communication and leadership skills training.  Their end client is a global shipping business which deliver integrated logistics, enabling trade and helping their customers to grow.

Leadership Course - Presenter
Step 1

What was the objective?

Speak First were developing a course for their global shipping client. The course was being designed to help their managers step up and become leaders within their business units. Speak First came to Nice Media to collaborate on developing the video-centred learning element of the course. The ultimate goal was to help the end client to manage its growth, while also expanding the solutions it offers to its customers. Some of the video content required was more promotional in nature - to give learners an overview of the training and inspire them to get involved and get results.

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

The core solution involved a presenter talking to camera in a green screen studio, with light-hearted skits to keep the audience engaged and motion graphics used to highlight key points and maintain an energetic pace. In addition to a video introduction for each of the main course blocks, we also introduced an overarching trailer promo for the entire course. This promo video would be used to both inspire attendees before starting the course and attract sign ups in future years.

Leadership Course - Presenter
Leadership Course - Presenter
Step 3

What was the outcome?

The end client loved the new graphic approach, which pushed the look of the videos to a new level and really highlight the client’s brand character. We produced a high-paced, inspirational promo video and four snappy, fun and informative introductions to the main course blocks. These videos were rolled out to thousands of learners globally.

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