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Overview of case study

To coincide with Brighton & Hove being a host city for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 tournament, Brighton Museum had a goal to promote the launch of their summer exhibition: ‘Goal Power! Women’s Football 1894 – 2022′. The exhibition pledged to shine a light on the stories of women who have changed the game of football from within. The exhibition was seen as a call to action – encouraging visitors to keep up the momentum of change.

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Step 1

What was the objective?

There was a need to promote the exhibition before the exhibits had been installed in the museum. They came to us with a request for a video asset that could be shared primarily on social media – in a square format but also in portrait for use in Stories on Instagram and other social platforms. The biggest part of the challenge was the short-form length of 15 seconds. How could we communicate everything that needed to be said in 15 seconds?

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

We identified immediately that this video would need to be post-production-heavy – due to the lack of existing visual assets. It was exciting to discover that the museum were working with UnitedUs on the visual identity of the exhibition. In the early stages of being briefed on the video project, we had no idea what that visual identity would look like but we knew that it would mean we had visual guidelines and assets to work with and build upon – an unknown but promising start to the project! When the visual identity for ‘Goal Power!’ was finally shared with us, we were not disappointed. The vibrant, bold, graphical style lent itself to motion graphics animation immediately and we couldn’t wait to get started. Whilst the final video doesn’t include any voiceover or any talking heads a script was still entirely necessary. The script in this case was the blueprint for ensuring that the animated video communicated the key messages. Some messages are explicit e.g. the dates of the exhibition in the call to action at the end. Some messages are implicit e.g. by juxtaposing the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ to tell the audience that the exhibition features stories from different eras.

Goal Power Promo Grab
Step 3

What was the outcome?

The final output was a snappy 15s video that was shared across social media channels including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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