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Overview of case study

To coincide with Brighton & Hove being a host city for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 tournament, Brighton Museum had a goal to promote the launch of their summer exhibition: ‘Goal Power! Women’s Football 1894 – 2022′. The exhibition pledged to shine a light on the stories of women who have changed the game of football from within. The exhibition was seen as a call to action – encouraging visitors to keep up the momentum of change. Nice Media were commissioned to produce a suite of video content for the exhibition.

Goal Power Exhibition Video
Step 1

What was the objective?

The curator of the Goal Power! exhibition was keen to welcome visitors with a piece of video content. The exhibition itself consists of a collection of stories from 23 women (I.e. a football squad quantity!) who have had an impact on the women’s game. The vision for this video was that it would include as many of those 23 women as possible. Of course, it’s not the case that all 23 of the women were conveniently located in Brighton & Hove, and available on the same day. So, with limited time and resources, we set out to find a way to include as many of the women as possible. The logistics behind this video were time consuming, but worth it.

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

The museum provided a script that captured the main message and call to action of the exhibition. The basic concept was that Nice Media would film as many of the individual women as possible, reading the script. And that the final cut would be a montage of all of the women reading the script – pieced together to make a whole. Some of the contributors were filmed in a studio, some were filmed in their own living rooms, and some were filmed using video conferencing production facilities from locations all over the world including LA and Copenhagen. All contributors received direction and support with set up, framing, lighting and sound which ensured we generated a consistent level of production quality. The result was that we gathered 19 contributor videos – all different, but the same, which really added to how dynamic we could make this simple concept feel. Design and motion graphics gave us the ability to add another layer of interest to the video – to keep it dynamic and engaging. The visual identity of the exhibition was used to stylise the piece – using the colour palette and bold lines to give interest to each frame. Finally, a version of the video was created with a BSL interpreter and sub-titles, making the piece accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired visitors.

Goal Power Exhibition Video
Goal Power Exhibition Video
Step 3

What was the outcome?

The video featured as an exhibit at the exhibition. The video was presented on a large screen as people entered the exhibition hall. Brighton Museum have received great feedback from visitors of the exhibition and during the Women's EUROs tournament in July 2022, snippets of this video were shown on national UK TV news.


What our clients say

We’ve just had the great fortune to work closely with Nice Media on three videos for our exhibition, Goal Power! Women’s Football 1894-2022, at Brighton & Hove Museums. The team at Nice Media were amazing. They worked with us on designing a creative brief for the project as we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. They took on board all of our ideas and shaped them into a workable project, within our budget. They then coordinated a range of people across the world to participate in the exhibition film via online technology. The team made people who were not used to being on camera feel at ease and the end result is an emotive, moving introduction to our exhibition. They also worked with our marketing team on a pre-launch and post-launch promo video. The team were incredibly responsive, interested and super creative. I would highly recommend them as a company to work with.

Jody East

Creative Programme Curator, Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust

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