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Overview of case study

This TV advert and social media recruitment campaign had a very specific target audience and an objective to recruit 100 new drivers, and to maintain that level ongoing.

Brighton & Hove Buses Advert
Step 1

What was the objective?

Over the previous three years, Brighton & Hove and Metrobus have been attracting drivers through the highly acclaimed marketing campaign (UK Bus Awards) ‘We’re hiring people like you’. Whilst this campaign was highly successful, Covid massively impacted the industry and consequently the business now has less drivers than at the start of the pandemic. The mission was therefore to recruit a large number of drivers for both Brighton & Hove and Metrobus. Brighton & Hove and Metrobus are trailblazers in terms of appreciating the importance of diversity and setting out to attract a diversity of people to be bus drivers. This was a core objective of this campaign. This new campaign had a very specific target audience in terms of age (under 35) and current work experience (customer service – hospitality, retail and care).

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

Unlike previous recruitment videos which have been distributed online via social media, this campaign was also intended for Sky Adsmart (a tailored advertising solution that will target potentially interested applicants). Nice designed a concept to catch the eye of the target audience and to engage them to want to get in touch. The concept was designed to be adapted to suit the various distribution channels / platforms and the solution involved producing multiple outputs, with branded versions for each of the business brands. In addition, the concept lent itself well to the creation of other supporting assets for the recruitment campaign – e.g. posters for buses, social assets, leaflets. A photographer was also booked for the shoot to capture a range of supporting visual assets. The assets needed to work hard over a period of 3 years minimum. For this reason, Nice developed a fresh and exciting intended to last.

Brighton & Hove Buses Advert
Brighton & Hove Buses Advert
Step 3

What was the outcome?

This new campaign, with the film content at the centre of it, was launched in September 2022 and is currently contributing to the achievement of recruitment targets - to increase the number of drivers by 100 and maintain this level ongoing. One 30 second video (see above is being distributed online and as a Sky Smart Advert), as well as multiple 15 second versions following each of the three main drivers who are recruited as part of the concept.

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