A Day in the Life


Overview of case study

Brightwave is a leading agency for next generation learning products and services.

Step 1

What was the objective?

Brightwave were staging a Total Learning Event and needed a video to reinforce their brand for the attendees.

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

We subtly installed ourselves in Brightwave’s office for the day with a streamlined production crew to produce a Day in the Life video. The video would bring event attendees into the heart of the organisation. This video, using time-lapse and documentary observation, is the result.

Step 3

What was the outcome?

As well as fulfilling its original function the video was repurposed as a tool for recruitment and onboarding “Thanks to you and your team for a great shoot - I was really impressed with how smoothly you guys ran the show. It really hits all the objectives for the piece, giving a real warm and fuzzy Brightwave feeling! Really impressed by how beautifully shot it is and how you've woven the story of the day.” Rob Keery, Community Manager, Brightwave Group