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An Introduction to KLS


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Overview of case study

These two video animations were requested by Health Education England to explain the Knowledge and Library Services to NHS staff across all levels of the organisation. The first video was designed to explain the high-level ‘why’ and the subsequent video had the purpose of explaining the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

Health Education England - Knowledge and Library Services video 1
Step 1

What was the objective?

The objective was to design and produce two videos that would complement the ongoing Knowledge Management campaign. The first video needed to explain the 'WHY'; the benefits of mobilising evidence and knowledge. E.g. saving time, saving costs by avoiding pitfalls, encouraging innovative thinking. In addition, an additional 90-second animation would follow on from the first. This video needed to explain the 'WHAT' and the 'HOW'. The videos needed to be produced for online viewing via the HEE website, various social media platforms, and to be shown at various conferences and events.

Step 2

What solution did we offer?

Based on a detailed understanding of the content and the audience, we set out to develop a narrative structure that would serve the core messages and that the audience could connect with. We then developed a script that included the voiceover and notional animated visual story. This script was refined, with client input, before we entered the production phase. Visual samples were designed and approved before an animatic (moving storyboard) was produced. The signed off animatic was developed into a full animated video. After the voiceover artist casting process, the voiceover was recorded and music was selected, bringing all of the elements together.

Health Education England - Knowledge and Library Services video 2
Health Education England - Knowledge and Library Services video 3
Step 3

What was the outcome?

The outcome was two videos that continue to fulfil their purpose. Both animated videos came in at 90 second and introduce and explain complex subject-matter in a way that the audience can understand and apply to their own work. The videos are hosted on the HEE YouTube Channel and have had thousands of views each – not counting the internal distribution methods.

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