What’s the best way to use video on a website?

The other day a very clever man who founded and runs an authoring tool company showed me around his most excellent product. Chatting afterward he remarked that while he was aware it’s accepted wisdom that having a video on your website is a “good thing” he’d never understood how it could work for him.  After all, his product does pretty much the same thing as all his competitors’ products, so is there really much benefit to running through the features with voice-over, screen grabs and the like? 

I had to agree.  Not because video is no use as a marketing tool, but because showing the features of your product in whatever medium isn’t the strongest way to sell it.  Yes, people want to know that stuff, and it needs to be detailed on your site but, if Simon Sinek is anything to go by, people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.  And without even realising it my friend had just told me his Why. 

He’d seen the astronomical price of most authoring tools in the market and set out to create an alternative – a premium authoring tool accessible to all.  Not just in terms of the price but also in terms of usability.  “Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to creating something amazing” he told me and “You don’t have to write one line of code”.  Coming from a base of low capitalisation these guys had to fight every step of the way to break into the market against much larger concerns.  As a result, they very much empathise with the smaller and undercapitalised organisations who form a large part of their market.  Having established themselves, their product just keeps on growing and getting more and more features with the cost staying pretty much the same. 

Now that right there is a great little story.  It doesn’t need much formatting to make it into a stinging one-minute video presenting the Why of his company.  It could be a piece to camera, an animation, a set of little interviews, perhaps featuring a couple of customers giving their perspective?  While some of the features may be shown to whet your appetite, the focus is the story of this man (and his business partner) and their mission.  That’s what video can do for you and your website. It’s great at getting the emotional side of your message across.

And to answer that unspoken question – the chap I was speaking to is Wes Atkinson (@wesatkinsonuk) of Appitierre and his product is Evolve. 

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