What can TV teach L&D? Season 2 Ep. 4 – The Good Fight

Here is a transcript of Season 2 Ep.4 – The Good Fight.

Hi everyone, my name’s Tom Hickmore and in this episode of “What can TV teach L&D?” I’m looking at The Good Fight.

I make drama for learning, so I’m taking popular TV drama and looking at it with an analytical eye, asking “What can we learn from this that we can be applied in the field of learning and development?”

If you’re in L&D and you’ve not seen The Good Fight – why ever not?  It is without doubt the very best programme available on British terrestrial TV – NO QUESTION!  And, it has a lot to say to us. 

Take a look at this episode. 

The majority African American law firm, in which the series is based, has been hired by the US Democratic Party to come up with ideas for policies.

In one of these meetings a senior partner quotes a racist white politician from the 1950’s: 

But someone complains to HR and before long, there’s an enquiry. Next, Boseman, the perpetrator confronts the head of the company that’s not long purchased his firm. Marvellous! Next, he discusses that meeting with his fellow senior partner. 

And so, we see another angle on the issue. 

It all leads to everyone in the firm taking compulsory training.  L&D – in the movies! 

Well, okay, they are taking the piss a bit. 

And so, Boseman’s team theorise as to who complained to HR in the first place, and …  –
And if that isn’t a great discussion about racism and corporate life, I don’t know what is. 

Maybe their portrayal of corporate learning leaves something to be desired, but the drama itself is a superlative piece of learning.  It’s always compelling, largely by dint of making original choices in the writing.  It confronts us with difficult issues in a way that’s both entertaining and funny.  Despite this, it’s hard-hitting.  It presents real issues with fresh clarity.  And it makes us think. 

I bet you go away and talk about this show.  And that is what we want from a drama.  Drama succeeds when it both entertains and challenges us.  And when we are challenged, we want to talk about it.  This is how drama works to engage culture.  And how its message can spread throughout an organisation.

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