Webinar Recording: The Best Use of Video in Learning

In March 2023 we hosted and recorded a webinar about the best use of video in learning. The webinar was presented by our Creative Director Tom Hickmore.

Here’s a recording of a talk by our Creative Director Tom Hickmore, originally seen as a webinar.  In this talk Tom gives a comprehensive overview of the best use of video in learning.  As well as a general positioning of video’s place in learning Tom goes into just about every video format you can think of, giving guidance, research information and tips, to help you make the most informed use of video in your learning content.  Formats covered include:

  • Interviews
  • User-generated interviews
  • Presenter-led
  • The Battle Speech
  • Training and Events
  • Process videos
  • User-generated process videos
  • 360 video
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Interactive branching scenarios


If you have a workplace behavioural / cultural issue that you suspect will benefit from a ‘Drama for Change’ campaign get in touch for a no obligation chat

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