Total Recall: The production process

Total Recall combines bespoke video content with AI to deliver an immersive learning experience that helps employees retain more and perform better. At the highest level, the production process involves running the video transcript through the AI machine which semantically interprets the content and drafts a course in seconds.

This article explains the production process in more detail. It explains how we work with clients to create a Total Recall course, including the key parts of the process, any dependencies and the time required from you, our client, at each stage.

1. Understanding your learning objectives

We will meet with you (face-to-face) or remotely to understand your learning objectives. Together we will explore a series of questions: What is the challenge you are facing? Who are the learners? Is this learning about skills, knowledge or attitude? What are the key learning points? How can/will success be measured?

Through this process we’ll also explore what types of video are best suited to meet your learning objectives.

Time required: 2-4 hours

2. Video content development

Video is the principle learning asset in Total Recall.  We work with you to design and produce this content.  

Bespoke content

The video part of the course is tailor-made with Total Recall in mind, thereby optimising the way the video interacts with the AI in the final output.

The video scripting process is essentially a distillation of the key learning points – so the essence of the learning will be contained within the transcript.

The key considerations when designing new content are:

  • What are the most effective types of video content for your learning topic and objectives?
  • What do your learners ‘need to know’?
  • How can the content be chunked into modules?

The video production process has three key stages; pre-production, production and post-production. If you’d like to understand more about the video production process in detail you can read this article about how we approach production.

Time required: There’s a wide range here depending on the type of video content – from simple talking heads to a complex drama – the range is usually from 1-12 weeks to produce the video for learning. We can provide schedule estimates at the beginning of any briefing discussions.

Existing content

We can also create a Total Recall course from your existing video.   The process in this case is for our team to review the content to determine:

  • if it can be edited so that we only use what the learner ‘needs to know’.
  • how we can apply chunking to create manageable modules of learning.

Deliverable: Document outlining recommendations for how to use your existing video content.

3. Custom branding

We apply custom branding to Total Recall courses. We can work with your brand guidelines or take guidance from your brand/marketing teams and apply:

  • images to the intro of each course
  • logos
  • fonts
  • colour palettes.

Deliverable: At this stage you will receive a sample course to review.

4. AI interpretation of the video transcript

We take the video transcript and run it through the artificial intelligence engine (Wildfire). The AI semantically interprets the transcript and creates an initial course in seconds.

Deliverable: At this stage, you will receive a link to the draft course via email.

Total Recall’s features and benefits:

5. Course content review

At this stage, you will review the course. You can do this independently or online/ face-to-face with our team.

We will finesse the course together in real time. This might include:

  • Adding or deleting questions
  • Changing potential responses to multiple choice questions
  • Adding links out to other content relevant to the learning

Time required: 1-2 hours, depending on number and length of courses.

6. Sign off

Once the course has been reviewed and tweaked, you will approve and sign off.

Deliverable: SCORM wrapped course(s) for LMS or links from our servers.

In summary, the video production aspect has an impact on how long a course takes to produce. Once the video content is ready, it is very quick to produce the interactive learning element. The AI does its bit in minutes and then it’s up to us to work together to review and tweak

These are the high level principles, but of course there is always an element of the bespoke in our approach. If you have any questions about how we could work with you and your team, please get in touch with us.

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