Top 5 Learning Trends for 2017

Learning Trends 2017! We were only two days in to the new year and my Twitter feed was already exploding with predictions for the year ahead. Rather than immediately jump on the bandwagon I thought it best to let the dust settle and see if I could make some sense of what remained after the storm.

Having made my way through countless articles and blogs on the subject I’ve identified recurring themes and have managed to create (I hope) a fair and balanced shortlist… (Drum roll please).

On Demand Learning
With more and more people working remotely, being able to access information on the move is increasingly important. Employees want learning resources on demand at their own convenience. To learn what they want, when they want and be able re-access content whenever they want to brush up or refresh their memory.

Sometimes less is more. More and more employers are recognising the need for short, sharp engaging content that gets straight to the point and delivers learning points with minimal fuss. Not only does this keep the learner’s attention but time spent not working is minimised.

Fortunately for us Video is as popular as ever, most likely because it so perfectly delivers the above points. If you’re looking for shorter, sharper content you can access on the go then a two-minute piece of video is ideal. A quick, concise, engaging shot of information will always be preferable to a lengthy training session or arduous tome.

It probably won’t come as a shock to anyone that 2017 is set to be another good year for Gamification. When applied properly Gamification can do wonders for employee engagement. Though the pros and cons of gamification are frequently disputed, the fact is more and more companies are looking to add that extra level of interactivity and fun to their eLearning.

Unsurprisingly VR is still an incredibly popular topic in L&D. Many are predicting that 2017 will see companies try to implement the technology on a larger scale, taking on more ambitious projects. This said, some suggest it may be a bit of a bumpy ride for the format as it struggles to find its stride in the learning market. Either way the potential for VR in L&D is undoubtedly immense and some fantastic learning material has already been produced.

So there you have it. Should you immediately run out and buy a load of VR gear and gamify all your content?… Maybe sleep on it.

At Nice Media we aren’t driven by trends, we prefer to focus on finding the best solution for you. Though it’s important to keep up to date with the latest learning technologies, too much choice can be overwhelming. There’s no shortage of options, each with its own merits but ultimately, what matters is finding what meets your learning needs while bringing you value for money.

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