Striking the balance

Over the Summer we blogged about how being a technical master of learning video isn’t as important as utilising your intrinsic vision, enthusiasm and creativity to produce something great. If your learning content engages your audience, then you have found an effective way of communicating your subject.

Whilst technical ability shouldn’t be the principal measure of a video maker’s success, there is a place for technique and often a need for a more polished output.

As a professional team we pride ourselves on being able to create expert learning video that is not only creative and engaging, but produced effectively and efficiently. From talking heads to complex interactive drama and 360 video, we really love what we do.

We collaborate from the off – at the design and development stages, through to the production process. Getting to know our clients, their business and industry is important to us. It’s only from working this closely that we’ve learnt of the constraints some organisations face when they need technical expertise and a quality result.

The B word. Budget.

With the economic financial uncertainty we are all facing, some L&D teams find their training budget depleting. With the current focus on employee engagement, personalised L&D for individuals and positive organisational culture, funds must stretch far and wide! It is often cheaper to direct L&D to an in-house team who has the enthusiasm to fulfil a project.

The C word. Culture.

Agencies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some L&D teams struggle to convince line management and HR to open their doors to a third-party. Outsourcing a project is an irritation rather than an advantage; from creating a brief, to reviewing responses, interviewing and then managing the project – all too much. It can be quicker, easier and less of an irritation to make use of an internal team.

Striking the balance

In-house teams are being resourced to produce video learning at a fraction of the price of a professional agency but without the technical knowledge gained from working in a such a specialist field.

Not forgetting how important it is to release the inner video maker in all of us, we believe striking the balance between quality video production and saving money is also important!

We are currently working alongside some in-house teams to help develop their technical knowledge and raise their understanding of how video provides a learning format that is engaging and digestible.

Our approach ensures we fill any gaps that present themselves across teams with different backgrounds and varied experience. Whilst video for learning is specialist, we share our technical expertise and train others to conduct quality interviews, talking heads and vox-pops. This gives an underlining understanding of video production and the benefits of using video for learning.

Consequently, and a plus for our clients, we have also found ourselves providing the personalised L&D sought by organisations, with the result building better employee engagement.

So, whilst starting your journey to become the next Alfred Hitchcock is a direction we believe everyone should consider (it’s fun for a start!), we also advise there is a need to balance this with quality, technical wizardry and cost.

Video training and consultancy support

Would you like to learn more about our approach and how we could help your in-house team? We offer a consultancy and training service – supporting businesses to create great video content in-house. Interested? Get in touch

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