Nice Media launches AI-learning solution Total Recall

Video learning expert Nice Media has partnered with WildFire Learning to provide Total Recall – a blend of easy-to-consume video and recall interactions, created and powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Touted as more effective than traditional eLearning, Total Recall consists of clear, explanatory video, followed by an interactive recall experience powered by WildFire’s artificial intelligence. The AI analyses the video and creates learning interactions in seconds, immediately putting learning theory into action by applying chunking, active retrieval, open-response and gamification.

Total Recall teaches compliance-critical processes to a high level of recall. Use cases include embedding new product knowledge or teaching a laboratory technique, as well as demonstrating emergency procedures in action or explaining a medical procedure.

Georgia Rooney, Managing Director at Nice Media, said:

“Organisations across industries are facing a constant challenge – the need to teach their staff mandatory processes to a high level of recall. They need to do this quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Total Recall teaches processes, procedures and demonstrations in a powerful and interactive way. It’s quick to produce, guarantees good recall and provides an innovative and engaging learning experience.”

Donald Clark, CEO at WildFire Learning, said:

“Ebbinghaus’ research reveals we forget 50% of what we learn within one hour unless we put it into practice or are continuously supported and provided with access to knowledge.

Total Recall is designed to counteract this effect, ensuring the learning investment doesn’t disappear like a forgotten password!”

Over 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read print, opting for a visually memorable experience that engages them emotionally1. AI uses scientific method to embed concepts, facts and figures. The combination has driven the design of a complete learning solution that delivers excellent levels of retention.

Total Recall launched in May 2019. Total Recall’s pricing is based on video needs (existing or new) and AI costs based on word count/minutes. Contact Georgia Rooney, Managing Director at Nice Media, to discuss your requirements or listen to Donald and Tom Hickmore, Nice Media’s Creative Director, discussing video and AI in Nice Media’s inaugural podcast.

Nice Media specialise in designing and producing video-centred learning and partnering with emerging technologies to drive behavioural change in the workplace.

WildFire is the world’s first AI-driven content creation tool that takes any document, PowerPoint or video and automatically creates online learning. It was founded in 2015 by Donald Clark.

1 Forrester Research,, 2012

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