Webinar Recording: An introduction to Watch & Learn with Tom Hickmore

Tom Hickmore, Creative Director and Founder of Nice Media, published his debut book this year. The title is ‘Watch & Learn’ and it distills Tom’s 35 years of video-centred learning experience into a pithy 18,000 words. Each chapter has a handy summary (like any good learning) and the book concludes with industry case studies that demonstrate the power of drama in action for Nice Media clients.

In this webinar, Tom explains how he came to write ‘Watch & Learn’ and he introduces the main themes of the book. These include:

  • How to avoid common mistakes when using drama for learning
  • The key features of good quality drama for learning and an introduction to design approaches
  • Storytelling and story structure theory
  • How to produce drama for learning, including practicalities around budget, resources required, and casting actors.


You can watch Tom’s full presentation from the webinar below. You can also watch some some individual questions from the Q&A element of the webinar  via the additional short video links below. 

Full webinar

Q&A responses

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