Top 5 Reasons To Use Video In Your E-Learning

Video is a great way of teaching and learning. It can be a vital part of an e-learning programme. Here are our Top 5 reasons why…

1 – Video is… Engaging

Over 6 billion hours of video are currently watched each month on YouTube. Video engages us and the more engaged you are, the more likely you are to learn. Video grabs your attention, certainly much more than a big pile of papers with instructions on it!

2 – Video is… Instructive

85% of Learning and Development professionals use video for learning. Visual instructions are much easier to copy than written instructions. Video also provides a great platform for presenting best and worst practice scenarios.

3 – Video is… Flexible

Video means you can have your eLearning anywhere – you don’t have to rely on an instructor and you can watch it on a variety of devices. You can also re-watch it later to make sure you understood everything, or even much later on to refresh your memory. It is getting easier and easier to access videos. For example, 50% of smatphone users watch web video on their mobile devises.

4 – Video is… Fun

If you tell someone that they have to read a big manual, or they can watch a video, I’m sure you can guess which one they’d be more likely to go for! Even at senior level video is preferred – 59% of senior executives said they would rather watch video than read text. Plus video gives those constructing the e-learning programme a chance to be more creative. Essentially, it’s more fun to make AND more fun to watch.

5 – Video is… Cost Effective

Some people have been put off using video as they see it as being “too expensive”. However, because video is more engaging, instructive, flexible and fun, it is more likely that your employees will learn more effectively and efficiently. We are 5 times more likely to retain information if we watch it as opposed to read it!

What would be your 6th reason for using Video?

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